Corporate holiday gift ideas that will propel your business forward!

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Seems like it was just yesterday that we were carving pumpkins and picking out this year’s Halloween costume. Now it’s November and we’re just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving which is the perfect time of year to show your gratitude towards those vital to your business.

For the past 12 years I’ve been helping businesses cement relationships that help their business grow. Through my experience I know that this is one of the most important times of the year to do this! All of the delicious food, the spirits and the great company put us in a mood unlike any other time of the year where we love giving and receiving with each other. You need to embrace this time of year to help propel your business growth and I’m here to give you corporate holiday gift ideas that will have more impact by:

  1. Showing you the benefits.
  2. Who and when to give holiday gifts to.
  3. And this wouldn’t be complete without giving you some great ideas to give this year.


Let’s start with the benefits. Just look at the statistics below showing how important it is to express your appreciation because it encourages more business for you!

  • Over 75% feel it helps improve their business
  • Over 55% believe it leads to increased sales
  • Over 70% consider it part of their marketing efforts
  • And over 85% believe it improves employee morale

This is a great time to market without being in their face saying “look at ME, buy from ME!”

Now that you know why you should give corporate holiday gifts, who should you give them to? Those who have helped to grow your business and have great potential to help you grow it in the future….that’s who!

Look at your top clients (I suggest at least the top 20%) you know you wouldn’t be successful without them! Now look at your top prospects. Who has the best potential to becoming a really great client for you? Now look at your suppliers. Which of your top suppliers have gone above and beyond for you? And don’t forget your employees without them you wouldn’t have a business!

Make a list of who they are and how you want to deliver their gifts to them. For employees: Are you having a holiday party? That’s a perfect time to hand out theirs. Are you giving out bonus checks? Or are you going to surprise them and have the gift sitting at their desk when they come into work?

For your clients, prospects and suppliers: Do you have any meetings, lunches, etc. coming up with them? If not then are you going to drop it off or mail it to them? Obviously, in person is the best. It may take extra time, but “face to face wins the race!”

I suggest giving gifts as close to Thanksgiving as possible for maximum impact. Incorporate the Thanksgiving theme by thanking them in the card. Giving the gift at Thanksgiving also helps you stand out because they will receive your holiday gift first and it won’t be surrounded with gifts from others.

Now the fun part, giving you ideas for your corporate holiday gifts! Before I give them to you, I want to emphasize how important it is to personalize the gift as much as possible. Always make sure it is accompanied with a handwritten card for maximum impact. If you know that the recipient enjoys golf, loves wine, thrives in the great outdoors or is a techie then choose gifts that fits them! Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t stay true to our hearts and suggest items that Mother Nature would want you to give. Drum roll please……

For the Techie or for people who are always on the go (and who isn’t these days) these items are perfect!

  • Mobile chargers! For an Eco-friendly alternative give a solar charger.

mobile charger
mobile chargers









  • Tablet holder! For an eco-friendly alternative give a portfolio with a solar calculator.

universal tablet holder
tablet holders and padfolios









  •  A tech travel kit

tech travel kit








  •  A stylus pen like the Fisher space pen used by our astronauts are a great gift. They write underwater, upside down and even in oil! Not to mention they last up to 3x longer than the average pen!

Fisher Space pen









  • Touchscreen gloves for the cold weather.

touch screen gloves











  • Whether you are going on a quick trip or to the gym, a duffel bag is always a MUST!

Duffel bag











  • A tumbler or a hot/cold drinkware set.

Hot and cold gift set

hot and cold gift set

tuscany tumbler tumbler with spoon













  • A flash drive uploaded with a holiday message or for an eco-alternative give a bamboo flash drive

bamboo usb flash drive











  • Music download card or give an eco-alternative by doing a seeded download card that can be planted and grow flowers.

seeded song or ringtone download card











  • Cell phone skin card. The recipient uploads the image of their choice and it’s created onto a phone skin. Talk about making the gift personal!

cell phone skin card











  • For the beer and wine lover do an etched wine bottle, wine accessories, blanket or a Pilsner glass. For an eco-friendly alternative do an Eco pint glass, bamboo corkscrew and stopper or the beautiful bamboo wine cradle.

winebamboo wine cradleexecutive wine case For wine and beer lovers!














Eco pint

pilsner glass

lambswool microsherpa wool











  • For the food lover do food baskets, chocolate or for an Eco-friendly option give a bamboo cutting board.

food basket maple ridge  chocolate covered oreos Food giftsbamboo bar board












  • The outdoor lover would enjoy a BBQ set, infuser water bottle or for eco-friendly alternatives do plants, seeded ornaments, seeded calendars, a bamboo key ring and pen set, a bamboo pen with stylus or put a smile on their face by giving them a dancing flower and don’t forget the seeded greeting card!

20073510infuser water bottle watering can planter kit Outdoor adventurer giftsseeded ornamentseeded calendarbamboo pen with stylusbamboo gifts

solar powered dancing flower


seeded paper cards



































So now you know why it’s important to give holiday gifts, when/who to give them to and ideas that will make them memorable. Don’t wait until the last-minute to order them even though we do have rush options for you!  If you have any other ideas in mind (check out our gift guide) or if you need ideas that fit your budget please contact us. We’d love to help you make your holiday gifts special!!

Contact us by emailing:

or call (408) 400-0556 ext.3


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