Marketing campaigns increase your sales!

We know over the summer sales can slow down while people are on vacation so I wanted to share with you a case study showing a great example of strengthening customer relationships and achieving incremental sales by increasing the size of your orders through promotional products marketing. Start thinking about what you can do to increase your sales during your slow months.

Strategy: Playing off of the A/C supplier’s 35th anniversary a year-long campaign called, “Route 35.” was created. Using a flexible program, they were able to simultaneously target their three customer segments using a Harley-Davidson type theme.


Various components of the promotion included games played throughout the year :
* A lotto-style scratch-off game
* A bingo game
* In-store events such as “Hot Dogs and Harleys ” and “Hog Days.”
* End-of-promotion Harley-Davidson motorcycle giveaway.

Promotional items used were “Route 35” branded products such as:
* Event T-shirts
* Commemorative Zippo Lighters
* Jumper cable sets
* Custom mini tool
* Flask/cigar holder

Results: The high-profile campaign generated an overall sales ticket increase of 131% in two segments and 138% in a third. Sales ticket frequency improved in all segments by over 100%.

Did this spur any ideas of what you can do for your business? Check out our Spitfire Advertising’s website for items you can use during your promotion. Or reach out to us for help. We know this can be overwhelming for you, but this is what we do every day!
esmee pix of me after makeup Shana Anderson-Nute is the President of Spitfire Advertising, Inc., Co-Host of the weekly show “Fly On The Wall” every Monday at 9am PST on Blab and creator of the 7 Step Blueprint to Skyrocket Your Success. She also loves spending time with her 4 kids, husband, 2 dogs, hiking and giving back to various charities including The Avon Walk For Breast Cancer, Teen Success, I Love a Clean San Diego and many more. If you need help with creative marketing ideas please email her at she’d love to help you.

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