3 tips to consistently attract new clients to grow your business

I’m not a mind reader, but being a marketing guru and business owner I’m guessing you need a consistent number of clients buying from and referring to you in order to grow your business.  I hear it every day from my clients. I understand the things you struggle with, the frustrations, having trouble falling asleep because your mind is racing, thinking about what you need to do to increase your sales. Let me give you three top tips for attracting a steady flow of raving fans to your business so you can manifest your goals and create the business you’ve dreamt of so you can sleep like a baby.

1. Add value: Think like your “fans”, your target audience, your clients. What are their struggles, what’s going on in their life right now, how can you help them? I don’t know if you have ever followed someone online and read a post with your jaw dropping thinking, “This is exactly what I needed to hear!” like the universe told them to write it just for you. If you understand what your clients need and when they need it, you can deliver the “I need that” connection all year long and you’ll magnetize loyal fans to you.

Sketch out what they need from you during different times of the year and create proactive ideas, social media posts and other content connections that help them solve the problems they are having. Focus on them, helping them, come from a place of serving. Position yourself as valuable in their life. As the go-to person that they can’t live without and who helps them achieve their goals. Adding value to their lives makes them need you, want you in their life and by helping them reach their goals, you’ll reach yours.

2. Get more Referrals: I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a consistent flow of referrals coming in. It took me years to figure out how to get them and I’ll share some of what I do. If you struggle with getting referrals or feel at a loss on what to do to get them or get more then I’ll help you. As you probably know, they are the least expensive (time and money-wise) way to get new clients. Look at the ideas below, put on your thinking cap and figure out how you can do these for your business so you can grow faster and easily expand your client base.

Ask for them: I know, some of you feel awkward asking. If you can relate then the ideas below will help you ask without using your voice.

Self-promotions/pop-bys:  These are essentially the same thing. Pop-bys are what most realtors call them. All you need to do is take a promo item and brand it with your logo, add a card or tag that ties everything together, end it with a “P.S. The greatest compliment is your referrals”. Then give it to the person you want to as a gift.


Top 10 relationship building system: I started this for my business about 3 years ago, and it’s a game changer. I have my clients do it too. Your database is too large to build deep relationships with everyone in it. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed trying either. Instead, all you have to do is create a list of the top 10 people who can help you grow your business and focus on touching them at least once a month in a variety of ways to build the relationship. I have a formula I’ve created to do this that I’ll be sharing in an upcoming blog.

Referral program: Create a program that you can send out to your clients letting them know that you reward them for their referrals. Give them targets to hit and dates to get them done by. Be realistic and don’t be pushy. Just make it fun and engaging. Here’s a picture of mine.


3. Get noticed: If you aren’t standing out, aren’t putting yourself out there on and offline then people can’t find you. If they can’t find you, then they can’t buy from you. So where should you be?

Events: Do tradeshows, customer appreciation events, volunteer, blood drives, conferences, public speaking and more! Drive people to them beforehand. Have a cool branded incentive for them to come by and get at the event and continue following up with them after the event. We did these syringe pens for one of our client’s blood drives. They received a great response and made them memorable!


Social media: Get on and be consistent on 2 platforms. Post daily and if you can’t actually get on and post each day then schedule it with Hootsuite or something similar. Run contests, challenges, engage and interact with your followers. Here’s a fun one we did for Valentine’s in the past. Cupid’s Bingo and the winner received a power bank.


Live stream & videos: Nothing creates a connection online faster than these 2. If you are nervous just practice. If you don’t know where to start then watch this video. Chalene Johnson does a great job explaining it. Have a goal for doing this 3x a week.

Blog: Yup, Blogs are a great way to get out there. Shoot for blogging 1x a week and give value, value, value!

Network: On and offline networking is essential. Build relationships, position yourself as an expert. Do things that are different like our “Goldfish approved business cards”. What does that mean? Goldfish have a 9-second attention span. Humans are said to have 8 seconds now so how do you stay remembered after you’ve meet someone? Give them a fun, creative business card like these.


Add value, get more referrals and get noticed! These are 3 easy ways to consistently attract new clients to grow your business. You can either keep pushing that boulder up the hill, have trouble sleeping because you’re stressed about having enough sales each month or you can start implementing these strategies and have things flow easily and you’ll see your business grow.

Consistency is your friend and a game changer so plan out what you’ll be doing each month by downloading my FREE Monthly Marketing Calendar by clicking on this link. Just plug in the marketing activities you’ll be doing each day that month. You can either print it out and hand write it or for the people who prefer typing it’s a fillable PDF too. At the end of the month, you’ll evaluate how things went so you know what you need to tweak, delete and repeat to maximize your results. Trust me you’ll love using this and it gives you a “track to run on”.

No matter what else you do…remember to smile, happy looks good on you. 🙂

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Shana Anderson-Nute

P.S.If you need help creating “Goldfish approved business cards” or other branded promotional items to help grow and market your business, please email us today! We’d love to help you. 🙂

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  1. Share this with a friend or co-worker, so you and I can both help someone else achieve their goals.
  2. Click on this link and download my FREE Monthly Marketing Calendar Worksheet. I’ve made it easy for you to plan out your monthly marketing by just entering what marketing activity you’ll do and when, what your top 3 priorities are that month, what theme you’ll create that month’s marketing around and then evaluate your month when you’re done. This is the monthly marketing calendar that my clients and I use and have great success. All you have to do is go to the link and then download it. I’ll also email it to you for free, so you will always have it.

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