Are you using the F.S.C.R. formula to build relationships and skyrocket your success?

Are you using the F.S.C.R. formula to build relationships and
skyrocket your success?

Watch the video or read the post, it’s your choice. We just want you to consume this the easiest way for you. 🙂

How do you build RELATIONSHIPS with your clients, your prospects, your team? When is the last time you “popped by” to see one of your clients face to face and you gave them an unexpected surprise that made them smile?When was the last time you stopped by your employee’s desk and gave them a small token of your appreciation and a high 5, showing them that you care? I don’t know if you feel it, but in our digital, fast-paced world we are spending less and less time face to face with these IMPORTANT people.

Not having face time reduces the ability to build your relationship with them. The ability to get to know them. To see what motivates them, what’s important to them, what makes them tick. Not taking the time to show them that you care REDUCES the loyalty they have to you. Everyone wants to know they matter. If they don’t feel that they do, then they’ll go somewhere that does. I know you don’t want that to happen. Don’t despair…I’m here to help you build those business relationships so you skyrocket your SUCCESS!

Tony Robbins (yes, I’m a huge fan) discusses the 6 human needs. Need #3 is SIGNIFICANCE. The need to feel important, special, unique, needed. The need to stand out from the crowd. Need #4 is LOVE AND CONNECTION. It’s what we all need most. When we feel it we feel alive. When we lose it we feel deep pain.

We also need to factor in the law of RECIPROCITY. What is that? It simply means that when someone gives you something you feel an obligation to give back to them. I’m sure it’s happened to you before on both the giving and receiving end. We all enjoy relationships more when there’s an EQUAL energy exchange. Healthy relationships where both parties feel they give and receive equally. Here’s the F.S.C.R. formula you need to remember to be successful!

Facetime + Significance + Connection + Reciprocity = Success

So how do you take this formula and implement it for MAXIMUM results? How do you use it as an opportunity to engage your target audience and accelerate your success so you have more business, more referrals, achieve your goals faster than you ever dreamt was possible?

First, remember not to be selfish. I know I probably don’t have to tell you that, but just in case…this isn’t just about your goals. You need to know that by helping other people achieve their goals, your goals will be achieved.

The Pop-by Solution:
The often-overlooked opportunity that is in alignment with this formula is to do a pop-by. What is that you ask? It’s creating a small branded item of value, with a tag that you SURPRISE your target audience with. For example, here’s the one that I’m giving out for February. “You’re the balm” (because my target audience really is! I’m very grateful to have magnetized such amazing people to my business). You can also use it as a giveaway at your next tradeshow and include a coupon, drive them to a website or whatever other action you’d like them to take.

As you can see it’s useful, fun and the tag ties in with the item I’m giving. I love making people smile. I love making people feel good about themselves. That’s ultimately what’s most important to me. You can hand it out to your clients, prospects, employees, friends too. They are all people who can help you grow your business.This pop-by is universal and will make anyone feel good!

They are a WIN-WIN for both of us because the recipient feels significant (which they are). We both feel more CONNECTED when we see each other face to face and that builds their LOYALTY and I get to know them better so I can IMPROVE my service to them. The Law of Reciprocity kicks in because receiving the gift and creating the deeper connection they will send me MORE business and more referrals. See…helping them, helps me. I honestly love being creative and putting these together too.

If you’d like to create these for your business just shoot me an email. I also use the lip balm as my business card. Makes me memorable and I STAND OUT from the crowd! Sorry….I don’t want to be another card on someone’s desk. Do you?

Take it a step further:
You can decide to stop with just creating the tag and lip balm or you can take it a step further like I do.

  • Everyone loves chocolate so I created different versions for you to see how you can do it.You can also use these as a FOLLOW UP to someone you’d like to RECRUIT or for any of the other examples below. Except the wellness program….chocolate doesn’t exactly tie in with promoting employee wellness unless it’s dark chocolate and you’re promoting having balance…LOL!


  • I am taking a client to lunch for her BIRTHDAY so I created this version.

  • For my client that’s been married a long time and has been through some hard times lately, I created the “COUPLES PACKAGE” includes love pills, date night ideas, chocolate and candle.

  • As a THANK YOU for my client’s that have placed an order and gave me referrals over the last week I created this one.

  • For an awesome REALTOR, I created this package. Complete with “bacon” magnet.

  • I have a prospect who’s having a BABY so I put a package together for the baby and included some “chill pills”along with some new, adorable baby gifts. Gotta take care of the parents too!

  • For my HAIR STYLIST, I created this “cupid’s” package for her and her hubby to enjoy.

  • For my son’s awesome TEACHER, I created this package for Valentine’s Day. That pencil has chocolates shaped like pencils inside.

  • Use this package to ONBOARD your new employees. Remove the “welcome” sign and use it to RECOGNIZE an employee that’s hit a milestone, finished a tough project, etc.

  • If you have a corporate WELLNESS PROGRAM then you can create a gift basket and include it along with other items to keep/get your team motivated.

Think outside the box and stand out from the crowd!:
All from a lip balm! Can you believe it!?! I encourage you to stop looking at promotional products as a way to just put your logo on an item and get it out in the world. Look at it as a VEHICLE to accomplish your goals, to build relationships, etc. If I had looked at the lip balm as just lip balm and put my logo on it do you think that I would get the reaction that I do? That I would build the relationships that I do? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I also FOLLOW UP handing out the pop-bys by sending out a handwritten note to build the relationship even more and thus making me stand out amongst my competition.

Remember, if you have people in your target audience that aren’t in your area then you can do the same thing, but mail it to them then follow up with a phone call.

F.S.C.R. Formula:
Facetime + Significance + Connection + Reciprocity = Success

I encourage you to always be thinking of ways to use the F.S.C.R. Formula to build relationships and skyrocket your success. I hope I’ve spurred some out of the box ideas for you today that will help you stand out from the crowd. I’d love to see you add pop-bys to your marketing calendar to do on a consistent basis. If you don’t have a marketing calendar then download our 1-page worksheet for FREE!

If you want to ORDER the lip balm and “You’re the Balm!” tags just shoot me an email and we’ll get them done for you.

BONUS Marketing tip: Every month of the year I have a theme I do my marketing around to make it easy to stay focused and create marketing that aligns with it (hint…hint…you should do it too).

My theme for February is “Building relationships with clients and employees”. That’s why last week’s blog post was on Wellness Programs (if you missed it, go check it out here) and this week is on pop-bys.

Did you know this week is National “Turn the World Kind” week? Valentine’s day is Tuesday, RAOK day is Friday and Caregiver’s Day is Saturday. Wow! That’s a lot of holidays that are tied into relationships so it made sense for that to be my theme this month. I challenge you to look at your year and come up with a theme each month.

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We’d love to have you join us in turning the world kind and doing our Kindness Challenge! Click on this link for more details.

esmee pix of me after makeup

Hugs and high fives,
Shana Anderson-Nute, BASI
Pronounced SHAW-nuh
Certified Promotional Products Consultant & Graphic Designer

P.S. If you need help getting your business to stand out and building relationships to magnetize raving fans email us today! We’d love to help you!

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