Top tips to CAPTURE more leads at your next speaking event! And how to turn them into clients – Part 1

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Just a few days ago I was sitting in Specialties Café having lunch with one of my favorite clients on a cold, wintery day in Santa Clara, CA. As we were going through his company’s marketing events for 2017, we came to the public speaking events that his team had been doing for the past couple years. I asked how they were going?

While they were doing well, he felt that their company could be doing better collecting people’s contact info. that attend and building the relationships to turn them into CLIENTS. The main bump in the road with collecting the attendee’s contact info. was the target audience for these events were not necessarily people who had business cards or if they did, they didn’t have them with them when they attended these events so just asking for their business card wasn’t working. With the next event just a few weeks away he needed help to fix this problem quickly so they could easily collect their contact info.

Have you ever had that problem? Have you ever felt FRUSTRATED, because you and your team aren’t getting the amount of leads and building those relationships the way that you want? You know you delivered a great presentation, you added value and did everything you were supposed to do to make it a success for them and you, but you didn’t leave with the number of leads that you knew you COULD have, knew you should have.

I love helping my clients reach their goals and figuring out the best solutions to their problems, so I put on my problem-solving hard hat and dug into my marketing toolbox to put together this list to help you and him ACHIEVE your goal of collecting the greatest amount of leads at your next speaking event and then turning them into clients!

BEFORE the event ask the organizer for the attendee’s contact info. You want to get the attendees excited about the event and give them incentives for coming, so get their contact info. from the organizer before the event. Then email them AND send them a direct mail piece so you’re hitting them online and offline whenever possible.

  1. We suggest LUMPY mail; that’s mail with your branded promotional item in it. Do this whenever possible to get your direct mail piece noticed and them excited about coming. A 2-part promotional item works great here. For example, mail them a pen and say “When you attend the event you’ll receive the matching notebook”.pen-and-notebook
  2. Offer them a nice, branded promotional item like a branded power bank or this RFID card case as an INCENTIVE to bring someone.rfid-case
  3. Tell them about the BRANDED raffle prize you’re doing such as this Tech Kit, universal tablet holder or this power bank with Bluetooth speaker and flashlight. Give them an extra raffle ticket for bringing someone to the
  4. Have a GIVEAWAY for the first __ people who arrive (get them to come early so your team can network with them before the event starts). It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just enough to entice your attendees to come a little early. These cell phone wallets are popular and inexpensive. This one also has the phone stand built-in.untitled

Look back through these ideas and identify the ones you want to implement at your next speaking event. Then make a note on your MARKETING CALENDAR next to your speaking events which one(s) you’ll be implementing.

Not all organizations will give you their contact info, but it will be gold if you can get the list.  Either way, there’s more things you can do to get their contact info. and start building the relationship with them to turn them into clients. We’ll cover ideas to use DURING the event on our blog post next week. Then we’ll cover how to FOLLOW UP the week after that to help you turn those leads into CLIENTS!

Email me with any questions, if you need ideas and/or if you have a topic you’d like me to do a blog post about. I’d love to help you SKYROCKET your success.

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Hugs and high fives,
Shana Anderson-Nute

P.S. Remember to smile, happy looks good on you! 🙂

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