Do you know what’s HOT for logoed apparel in 2017

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The most popular category in promotional products is apparel and it’s held that position for years now. I can guarantee that you’ve either bought branded apparel and/or you’ve been given branded apparel. Let’s get you up to date with what’s hot for 2017 so you aren’t left in the dust.

Colors: Nature hues are hot this year (see below). Green is the TOP color choice and in the spring and summer look for more pastels especially pink. Pinks are hot this year from pale pink to bright magenta.This is true for both men and women and also for accessories.

Bright and neon colors are staying this year and are expected to be around for the next 2-3 years. We’re even seeing more neon ACCENTS in embroidery to freshen things up.

Camo is COOL for everyone and comes in several variations including pastels, blue, pink, black and white.


Decoration: The minimalist trend is being put behind us as we see people wanting more decoration on their apparel.


Heathers are HOT! The interwoven yarn producing an alternative color gives a nice look that you see everywhere.

Fleece is in HIGH demand because people want soft, feel-good fabrics and this answers the call.

Performance wear is taking over things! This fabric goes from sports and outdoors to everyday fashion. They come in a wide range of characteristics including blocking ultra violet rays, being anti-static, repelling insects, wrinkle and stain resistant to name a few.

Ladies trends: Ladies are loving texture, patterns, color and being comfy. They want soft, breathable fashions that are eye-catching.

  • Bomber jacket: The Bomber jacket is making a come back with decoration ranging from minimal to over the top.
  • T-shirts: Ladies always love their tees, especially younger women. Lightweight v-neck tees and baseball tees are the RAGE this year.
  • Short sleeve sweatshirts and off the shoulder shirts: Reminds me of my youth during the Flashdance era. You can’t take the 80’s out of me so I do love this style!
  • Stripes: Stripes have become the equivalent to what the white tee used to be. The most popular color combinations are pink and white, red and white, black and white, navy and white.
  • Denim: Denim is making a comeback ESPECIALLY the oversized, boyfriend style jean jacket. Decorated with embroidery, appliques and patches on back for that vintage look is the most popular.

Men’s trends: Our list wouldn’t be complete without talking about what’s HOT for men.

  • Hats: We know men love their hats! The “Dad hat” and trucker, snapback hat are HOT, HOT, HOT! The Dad hat is an unstructured cotton or canvas hat with slightly curved bill and a strap on the back. The trucker hat usually has a mesh back and snap closure. Beanies make a statement from cashmere to knit. They are very popular across the country especially with younger men.
  • Bomber jacket: Dressed up or down the Bomber jacket is LOVED by young and old alike and is quickly gaining popularity.
  • Denim jacket: Just like for ladies, men are bringing back the JEAN jacket.
  • Joggers pant-They are everywhere because they appeal to such a large consumer market. Good for all age groups and are becoming a CORE item.
  • Flannel shirts: These are HUGE this year, with the big lumberjack type plaid. The hottest colors are black and white or black and red. They can be worn for a casual day at work over a tee. Perfect for the less formal environment.
  • Woven shirts:  Men are moving AWAY from the plain work shirts and picking plaids, ginghams and tattersall patterns instead.
  • Tees: Men are demanding MORE from their T-shirts this year and want moisture wicking, odor control and softness.  When you purchase tees for your team keep this in mind.

You’re now up to date on the latest trends for men and women along with the hottest colors, fabrics and how your team will want them decorated.If you have any questions or need help with your designing and selecting apparel for your team and events just email me. We’d love to help!

If you have any questions or need help with designing and selecting apparel for your team and events just email me. We’d love to help!

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Shana Anderson-Nute

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