What’s stopping you from reaching your dreams? Real talk…helping you get unstuck.

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It’s only been a year!?! WOW! It seems much longer. I’ve always been a fan of CANI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement), but this past year I had no idea the level of transformation that was ahead for me.

My BIRTHDAY is here, a perfect time to check in and see who and where I was a year ago compared to today. I have to tell you…I’m in complete awe of myself! I don’t say that with ego. I say that out of pure love and astonishment for myself. Have you ever surprised yourself with something you’ve been able to do?

Just like you, life hasn’t always been easy for me. I’ve gone through some really hard crap and I’ve also had amazing things happen. Through these trials and triumphs I’ve learned to push myself hard. I’ve learned that no matter how hard things get I’ll land on my feet. I’ve learned to stay positive and appreciate when life is going well.

Over this past year, I have learned at such a deep level how the negative things that have happened in the past and the MEANINGS we’ve given them create blocks in us. Create blocks in our thinking, diminish our self-esteem and prevent us from becoming the person we were meant to be. I’m guessing you have felt like this too.

You may have gone through the same things I have or different. The event(s) don’t matter as much as the meanings we put to them. **Warning! Real talk is about to happen.**

As a child I was molested by a family member, at 15 I was raped by a stranger and kept that secret for 25 years. My first marriage of almost 6 years was mentally abusive. I know what you’re thinking…you? Really? You’re always so happy, so positive, so kind.

I am! It’s not just a front, it’s who I am down to my core. After living through that I love and appreciate life more than a lot of people I know because I have been through hell and even bad days aren’t really that bad when you look at the whole picture.

I’m sure you can imagine the blocks that were created during that time in my life. The meanings I gave these events. Yes, I did some counseling, read lots of books, worked through what I thought was all of this since the years that it happened.

This year, I discovered there was a TRAP DOOR. Meaning I thought I had worked through and healed my past, but there was more there that was holding me back in life. There was more that was affecting me from accomplishing my dreams due to my past and the blocks, meanings I had given them.

The Stanford rape case was all over the news and it brought up some old memories for me. That set me on a path to wanting to heal even deeper from being raped so I journaled, read, talked to some friends. Yes, I healed more, but still felt like there was more I needed to do.

It was a Saturday morning and I had just finished hiking to the top of a mountain and while sitting at the top enjoying the view of the rolling hills, the lake below, the sun on my skin and the sounds of nature,  I stopped to do a meditation. During that meditation, I clearly heard that I needed to do hypnotherapy.

Instead of pushing the thought away I pursued it and OMG I’m so thankful I did! I contacted a hypnotherapist I had met months earlier. To be honest, I had no idea what it was, how it worked or if it would really help me.

She assured me that she’d helped others that have gone through this so I started. I had no idea how much I would transform, release and change myself and my life during the process. I hadn’t realized how much “fear talk” I had trying to keep myself safe. I hadn’t realized how much the blocks that were created from my past were affecting my present and my future.

I’ve come to realize that I could have spent my entire life setting big goals for myself, but until I cleared the blocks from my past that were holding me back I never would have ACHIEVED them. That’s what I want to encourage you to do too.

Take an honest look at yourself, your life, your blocks, the meanings that you’ve given things. What are your big goals that you want to accomplish to live your purpose, your dream life? What’s holding you back? Where are your blocks? What meanings have you given to things from your past? How are you talking to yourself? Are you dreaming small? Do you feel deep down that you are confident that you can achieve them?

If not then identify what’s holding you back. If you aren’t sure then get help discovering it. As you can tell I’m a HUGE fan of hypnotherapy (don’t worry you won’t cluck like a chicken). It’s like regular therapy on crack! LOL 🙂

It’s amazing to me the TRANSFORMATION I’ve had and I want you to have it too. I’m in the middle of writing my first book to help other sexual abuse survivors heal and find their voice. I’m putting together a couple courses to help teach and simplify marketing strategies so business owners and their marketing team don’t feel lost or unsure what to do to grow their business. I’m finally doing weekly videos and blog posts to help you with marketing and skyrocket your success.

I’m also starting on my dream that’s always held me back due to fear. My dream to stand on stages and teach marketing and to help other sexual abuse survivors heal, find their voice and remove the blocks that are holding them back.

This is a picture I keep on my desk along with the shell necklace. I’m a huge Disney fan and the shell necklace represents Ursula taking Ariel’s voice in the Little Mermaid. It reminds me I do have a voice and it’s powerful!

This picture also shows my new journal, plan for the next year. In it I’ve written where I’m going and what I’ll be accomplishing over the next year in ever aspect of my life from my mission to my spirituality to my health.

Happy Birthday to me! I hope that this PRESENT that I’ve given to myself, helps you too! I can’t wait to see how amazing our lives becomes over the next year. I can’t wait to see our next transformation. Let me know what your biggest dream is. I’d love to cheer you on. I know you can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to.

If you want to do hypnotherapy here’s the link to the AMAZING Grace Smith who helped me. https://gracesmithtv.com/

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Hugs and high 5’s from my heart to yours,
Shana Anderson-Nute

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