5 Fun, Eco-friendly Activities Your Business Should do on Earth Day

Watch the video or read below, it’s your choice. We just want you to consume this the easiest way for you. 🙂

5 fun, eco-friendly ideas that you can do for your business on Earth Day to get your employees involved and show your prospects and your clients how COOL it is to be green!

#1: CATCH your employees being green. Put a team together and then surprise your employees throughout the day at specified times that they don’t know about, but your team does. Your mission is to catch people being green and reward them. Look for people who are working with their lights off, or turned their lights off when they go to lunch or break. Also, look at their recycle bin, are they using it? These are green behaviors that you want to encourage so reward them with:

  • Caught being green stars or seeded buttons
    Tip 1 seeded buttonTip 1-green stars
  • Branded eco-items:
    • Hats
    • Solar chargers
      Tip 1-solar chargers
    • Stone paper notebooks
    • Shopping bags
    • Water bottles
      Tip 1 – water bottles

#2: Have a PARTY for the planet! At lunchtime throw a party and include contests and games that you can play. I have put together some fun ideas for you in the video. Here are a few that I mention:

  • Eco-friendly jeopardy
  • Eco-pong: Think beer pong, but instead, the cups are labeled with eco-friendly words and non-eco-friendly words.
    Tip two – eco-pong
  • Eco-bingo
    Tip two – eco-bingo
  • Earth themed food
    • Earth shaped cookies and cake pops
      Tip 2-earth shaped cookies
      Tip 2-Earth cake pops
    • Veggie platter that resembles a garden
      Tip 2-veggie platter
    • Dirt pudding cups

#3: Have games and activities THROUGHOUT the day that can be played. Here’s some that I mention in the video:

  • Eco-scavenger hunt or geocaching
    Tip three – eco-scavenger hunt
  • Eco-word search
    Tip three – eco-word search
  • Eco-Scrabble contest: Have Scrabble boards laid out around the office and the team, floor or department with the highest points at the end of the day wins.
    Tip three –eco-scrabble
  • Eco-friendly store with discounts on items that would make Mother Earth happy:
    • Lunch totes and containers
      lunch containers
    • Portion control dishes
      portion control plateportion control bowl
    • Seeded paper products/plants

plantseeded paper

    • Reusable drinkware
      Pic (5)
    • Bamboo and solar items
      Tip 1-solar chargers

#4: Have a PARKING LOT party. Have your eco-friendly vendors setup tables in your parking lot to help your employees, clients, neighbors and prospects understand what they offer and how they can help Mother Earth. Have a shred fest or an E-waste event. Advertise it beforehand so you get more prospects coming into your parking lot to join the event. Promoting it not only helps Mother Earth, but it advertises your company and will help grow your business. Make sure you give out a goodie bag with branded eco-friendly items to get your name out there.

bagsss Pic (3) Pic (4) shopping-bags#5: Have a list of EARTH DAY activities that your employees, your prospects or clients can do with their family, children, friends or coworkers locally. You can hand out postcards at your event with the info. or email it out and put it on your social media. Plaster it everywhere. You want to really show how eco-friendly you are and that you’re doing your part to save Mother Earth. Here are some links to Earth day activities you can promote doing in the Bay Area.





Happy Earth Day😊

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute

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If you have any questions or need help creating any of these fun ideas that I talked about, email me. And remember, smile because happy looks good on you and do something kind for mother Earth today.

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