Employee onboarding ideas your new hires will love!

Watch the video or read below, it’s your choice. We just want you to consume this the easiest way for you. 🙂

Ready for some employee onboarding ideas that you and your new hires are going to love!?!

In the UK and the US alone there are an estimated 37 billion dollars spent annually to keep unproductive employees. 35% of companies spend ZERO, as in NOTHING on onboarding.

A structured onboarding process can change all of that and it can result in 20% increase in manager satisfaction, 50% greater new hire productivity and 58% of employees are likely to stay with the company after three years.

An onboarding practice has two components.

  1. Influences how the employee feels about your company.
  2. Prepares the new hire to become productive fast.

This is key to your success and to your new hire’s success. I want you to be successful so I’ve put together some ideas you can start implementing now.

Start the conversation:

  • Send an intro email out to the team or the department that new hire is going to be working with. Tell them about the new team member including some fun facts.
  • Create an icebreaker picture frame that sits at the new hire’s desk. When people walk by they’ll see it and immediately can start a conversation with them.
  • 56% of new hires say they want to have a buddy for their first weeks on the job. Do it! Give them a go to person.
  • Encourage the other employees to make “cookies for the rookie”. Obviously, they just don’t drop it and run. When they drop them off it will start a conversation.

Have a welcome kit:

  • Your basic kit would be a letter or card from the president or their supervisor welcoming them. The card could also be signed by their teammates. Include a branded gift too.
  • Ogilvy and Mathers does an induction box for their welcome kit.
  • Firstborn sends a postcard in advance welcoming their new hires to the agency with a link to a map that includes restaurants and activities in their downtown Manhattan area.
  • Their first day at DDB San Francisco, a town car is sent to pick up the employee and bring them to the office. At their desk, they’ll find a hoodie, a water bottle and flowers to greet them.
  • Also, include a gift certificate to the company store so they can buy additional items that they would like and that matches their taste.

Watch the video above and you’ll see several more great ideas to help you with your onboarding. 

I would love to help you create these and other items for your onboarding kit along with other ideas to keep your employees happy, productive and loyal to your company. Just send me a quick email me.

Do something kind for a new hire today. You know they are probably having a little trouble fitting in and you could be that person that just makes their day.

Remember to smile, happy looks good on you.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute

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