Incentivize, engage and reward to sky rocket your business. The cheat sheet you need to create incentives that get results-PART 2 of 3

Watch the video or read below, it’s your choice. We just want you to consume this the easiest way for you. 🙂

Are you having trouble reaching your goals because you’re having trouble getting your team or clients on board? Then this is very important for you to watch! Follow these tips on how to use incentives to reach your goals.

In part one we discussed knowing your objectives and the keys to designing your incentives program. Now we get into the fun part.

  1. Give them an EXPERIENCE that stands out. Do something that is different from everybody else, something that gets you noticed above the noise of your competition, gets people excited so they remember you and get on board.
  • Here are some ideas for you:
    • Give points or a punch card. Let them redeem it for swag, time off, etc.
    • The element of surprise.
      • Call an employee in and have them select a gift or drop one off to a client.
      • Spin the wheel and win. Knowing there will be surprise incentives will keep them on their toes and wanting more.
      • Give them unexpected bonuses, discounts or upgrades.
      • Do a surprise social media post. First ___ people to take an action will win ___.
    • Do challenges and contests for a limited time and at regular intervals.
    • Do a gift swap. When a team member makes a goal they pick a gift from a stack of gifts. Then the next person who achieves that goal either gets to take the gift from the previous winner or open a new gift.
    • Achievement poker? Have a predetermined goal and when somebody reaches it, they receive a card. Whoever has winning hand wins the prize.
    • Team Success! Team up high and low performers together. The team with the highest sales, most steps, etc. wins.
    • Idea bounty. Great to get new ideas for your business. Employees propose ideas to improve the business. Fellow co-workers vote on what’s submitted then the person who created the idea is paid a “bounty”.
    • Have a daily prize for the goal leader each day. They can pop a balloon,pick a wrapped gift or pull a number to see what surprise is waiting for them.
    • Give a raffle ticket every time someone reaches a goal.
    • Creative thinking. Team members anonymously share the most creative pitches, cold emails, safety tips, etc. and everybody votes to see who the winner is.
    • Top & Middle. Reward your top and middle performers by scoring them based on the largest percentage of improvement not just top sales.

Make sure you’re thinking about what your target audience wants and how they want to be engaged.  It’s also important to always be challenging and encouraging your team so you’re helping them reach their goals and they’ll help you reach yours!

Next week is the final part of this series. Where I’ll show you what items to use for your incentives and rewards.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute

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