Incentivize, engage and reward to sky rocket your business. The cheat sheet you need to create incentives that get results-PART 3

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Ready for part 3, we’re talking about how to use incentives to reach your business goals! Part 1 we talked about your objective, what you can achieve by using incentives and designing an incentives program. Part 2, I gave you ideas on how to add excitement and make it an experience. Part 3, we’re diving into the fun part… cool ideas you can use for your incentives!

What can you use for an incentive reward?

  • Give the recipient what they want. Understanding what they want will engage and motivate them.
  • Psychological principle, the need for social reinforcement. People want to be recognized socially. They want a spotlight put on them and told, “You did a great job!” This affects their morale, loyalty, performance, and ultimately skyrockets your business.
  • Individualize and personalize each experience whenever possible. Do a mixture of the reward, recognition, and experience together to maximize your results.
  • Offer a reward that motivates them to want to reach the goal you’ve defined.
  • Have items with high and low values. Then it will appeal to more people. They can have instant gratification and use their points right away or they can save them up and choose a nicer reward.
  • Have a tiered referral program. The more referrals they send, the better rewards they’ll receive.
  • Branded promotional items. Helps you with your marketing and attracts consumers too. Consumers that receive promotional products spend 27% more than those that receive menial items like coupons according to PPAI.
    • Electronics, have held the top spot in incentive programs for a long time.
    • Mobile Bluetooth devices that sync with your phone. People want portability and wireless.
    • Fitness wearables.
    • Waterproof camera.
    • Noise canceling headphones.

    • Food related items. Something for their kitchen is a great incentive reward.
    • Tumi luggage
    • Watches
    • Gift cards. Do a gift card imprinted with your logo.
    • Trophies. Do trophies for “best of” that you reward a team or person for each month. Have your employees vote on it too, not just your executive team. Then everybody feels more involved in the decision.
    • Non-branded items
      • Catered lunches
      • Shorter work days
      • Televisions
      • Free/discounted services or products
      • Trips
      • Cash
      • Dress down days
      • Extended lunches

I’ve given you a lot of ideas on how to use incentives to reach your goals. Make sure when you’re selecting the item that it is in line with your business and in line with what the client wants. Remember, the purpose of your incentive program is to reward your employees, your client, your prospects while they’re helping you achieve your goals.

If you need help using incentives to reach your goals let me know, I’d love to help you. Just email me.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute

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