Golf, games and giveaways! Ideas to make your golf tournament score a hole in one – Part 2 of 2

Watch the video or read below, it’s your choice. We just want you to consume this the easiest way for you. 🙂

Part 2 is all about the giveaways, prizes and the incentives. Things that you can do to get more engagement, build relationships, and have an amazing golf tournament that achieves your goals!

Use these to get more people to sign up. Have an incentive, a prize for the first # golfers that sign up.

Poker chip ball marker: This is better than regular ball markers. It’s not just a ball marker, it can also be a drink token, used in a game, to promote 2 sponsors and more!

Golf towel: Nice big imprint area for multiple sponsors, advertise your biz, products and services, or use it for a fun golf quote.

Golf tool: This is a seven-in-one golf tool with a high perceived value and will be treasured!

Golf balls: If you’re doing sponsors you can do your golf tournament logo on the front and the back can be imprinted with a fun quote like this.

Drinkware: Perfect for any golf tournament! Golfers love to drink. Have them quench their thirst with your branded drinkware. Of course filled with the beverage you’re giving away.

  • Vacuum insulated cup to keep their beverage cold while they’re playing.
  • Golf Coozie perfect for on and off the course.
  • Shot glass with a fun quote on it.

Golf kits: Are perfect if you’re doing sponsors because you can pick golf kits that have multiple products and each product can have a different logo on it. Sell the branded spots on the golf kit to make even more money for your tournament!

Bluetooth speaker: A nice waterproof one is great for those days when they’re out golfing and it starts raining or just in their everyday life especially when they’re hanging out at the beach.

Golfers first-aid kit: This is a combination of a little first-aid kit and you can add a golf ball and some tees and it will be perfect to use on and off the course.

Bluetooth earbud headset: Everybody loves these! Whether they’re listening to music and don’t want to bother anyone else, or if they have important phone calls that they need to do while out and about.

Power bank: A waterproof power bank would be different and cool.  Or do a power bank that actually shows how much battery life is left. Or a power bank that is built into a portfolio, organizes your cables and your other smartphone and tablet accessories.

Apparel: Brand the polos, wind jackets, gloves, etc. with your logo, the tournament logo and/or sponsor logos. Great advertise for you even after the tournament is over.

Cooling towels: Great for hot days on and off the course! Add water to the towel to instantly drop the temperature down and use it to cool yourself down.

Scramble Pic. Just look at the nice imprint area on these! You can put a lot of logos on this cool item and you can charge the sponsors for it to raise more money.

Did I get your mind going? That’s a lot of great items you can use for your golf tournament for prizes, incentives and giveaways. If you get stuck, just reach out to me! I can help you choose and create items that will be perfect for you!

Would you help me, help more people and share this out with three coworkers, 3 people that you know who are planning golf tournaments and could use my help? I would really appreciate it! 🙂

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute

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