Feeling tired and burnt out? Create a life and business you don’t need a vacation from with this one simple tool!

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We’re always on the go from starting early to working late, not taking a vacation, not putting enough FUN into our lives. That’s why I wanted to share this “tool” with you that can change your life. It’s called the Rest-Run Cycle and it will help you get your life into balance and stop the stress, the overwhelm, the feeling of being on life’s hamster wheel. I highly suggest you implement it and once you do, you’re going to see a big difference!

Think about the different energy levels you have throughout the day. When you’re feeling stressed it’s because you are pushing yourself too much. Think about what we’re teaching our kids. The same behaviors that we have become accustomed to, just go-go-going all the time and not giving ourselves a break.

One in four people are taking off a day of work because they need a mental health day to cope with stress. There are 300 billion dollars in medical costs because of the stress that we have in our lives. The three biggest stress factors in the US.

#1 job

#2 money

#3 health

This Rest-Run Cycle helps you to put a stop to that so you start living a balanced and fulfilled life. The Rest-Run Cycle has scheduled periods where you push hard (run), then rest to rejuvenate so you don’t burn yourself out and are more productive during your “run”. Pull out your calendar and let’s start looking at your schedule to implement this into your life.

  1. Look over your year: Figure out every 90 days what you’re going to do to start taking breaks and schedule 2-4 complete days off without any work (business or personal). This is just down time, fun time, rejuvenation time.
  2. Look at your weekends: Every weekend decide if you’re going to take 1 day off or 2. What does your mind and body need in order to be rested and ready to go full speed when Monday morning hits? Then decide what you’re going to do each weekend in advance so you have a plan. It’s easy to get side tracked, lost on social media, jump on and do “a little” work, etc. if you don’t have a plan. If your plan is to relax and “veg out” and that includes bingeing on Netflix or social media for 8 hours then do it! Just be intentional with your down time so when it’s over you have achieved the amount of relaxation, rejuvenation that you needed.
  3. Look at each day: Where does your energy level drop? Where does it peak? What is draining you during the day? Rejuvenating you? Is there a pattern? Studies show that we should work in 50-minute increments then take a few minutes to stretch, meditate, Qi Gong, transition to the next task and/or give our mind a break so we can think clearer and be more productive. I have a timer on my phone that I set for 50 minutes every time I sit down to work on a project. It goes off and I get up, move, think about what I’m doing next and the best way to tackle it then I’m more efficient. I have blocked time without interruptions to focus on tasks that require a deep level of concentration. I have quick meditations in my day, in the morning, at lunch and when I’m done working and it helps me transition into my evening so I can leave work behind and transition into my personal time.

A great example of the Rest-Run Cycle is the Iditarod dog sledding race. A man named Martin Buser, has won it four times. He approached the race differently than everyone else. He knew that the mortality rate of the dogs was over 50% within 1 year after running the race because of what the dogs had to go through to train and finish the race. He thought “What if I rest my dogs more than I run them?” His dogs mortality rate dropped drastically and they finished the race in eight days instead of sixteen.

I want you to think about your Rest-Run Cycle. Is it worth it to keep running at the level you are now and not resting? What will happen to you if you continue on this path? What’s the mortality rate for people who “run” all the time and they don’t let their body, their minds relax, rejuvenate? Would you be just as or more productive if you implemented this Rest-Run Cycle into your life? Implementing this will show yourself and the world that you’re more important than any deadline.

If you have any questions about this let me know. I would love to help you. I started implementing this for myself, some clients and my team a few months ago and it’s a complete game changer. If this helps you, please share it and together we can help more people.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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