Three out of the box, fun ways a marketing expert advertises her business while making people smile and asking for more! Learn how you can do it too!

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Do you want to make your clients and your prospects smile while you’re marketing to them? Do you want them to see your marketing pieces and not feel like it’s an interruption? I strive to make marketing a fun experience to build a relationships with your prospects and clients. Today we’re talking about three ways that you can do this for your business by showing how I do it for mine.

  1. Let’s look at your business card: Have you ever asked somebody for their business card? What do you normally receive? A paper business card of course, nothing too exciting about that. Have you ever asked for a business card and when you got it you’re like, what?! Hold up! This is cool and different. That’s what happens when I give out my memorable business cards.


This is an example of my memorable business card. It’s a lip balm business card and it says “Smiling because I finally got my name on your lips”. I have had such great results with this. I also do a microfiber cloth business card, a music download card with headphone winder to name a few.


This is my newest, memorable business card.  I took this flat bottle opener and normally you just stick a logo on but I looked at it and I thought if I flip it around then that bottle opener part becomes a mouth and my email signature says, “Remember to smile, happy looks good on you!”. I get a ton of comments on my email signature and now my business card ties in the message.

  1. Fun marketing on a holiday: Let’s talk about making people smile for Smile Week! Smile week is the second week of August and I love doing something fun for my clients and prospects. I also know that my competitors aren’t going to be marketing to my clients and prospects for this. Perfect! I love being different and doing things outside of the box.

I’d love for you to do the same thing for your business. Pick a holiday that’s different and decide what you want to do to do. Here’s a link to pick a holiday that goes with your business.

For Smile week, myself and another business partner dressed up as Lucy and Ethel in their famous chocolate factory scene and brought smiley faced chocolates to some of our prospects and clients. As we went around town we even had complete strangers stop us and ask if they could take pictures with us. We had branded Smile Challenge cards that we handed out.

We dressed up as Thelma and Louise and had toy guns that we gave out and had our clients and prospects shoot at two targets. If it hit Thelma they had to do Thelma’s adventure and if it hit Louise they did Louise’s adventure then they won a prize.

People were talking about our Smile Week marketing for a long time. The great part is that they don’t look at it as we were marketing to them. Instead they see it as a fun experience and that helped deepen our relationships with them. That’s exactly what we did and we had so much fun doing it!

  1. Making the world a better place: We are always giving back and helping others. Our Kindness Challenge for Turn the World Kind Week in February helped us stand out, be remembered and easily got us in front of a lot of new prospects that we wouldn’t have gotten in front of all while making a difference.

We created our kindness marketing piece with a picture of a mirror and it said “Who’s the kindest of them all”, added our positive post-its and added our kindness challenge to get more people involved and help us spread the kindness. We encouraged people to put those post-its places to surprise someone and make their day. They could hand them out, post them in a restroom, leave them on a table at a restaurant or whatever else they wanted to do.

We touched a lot of people and loved the response. This is who we are and  totally in line with our brand and at the same time we’re marketing to our clients and prospects without them looking at what we’re doing as marketing and an interruption in their day. I challenge you to figure out how you can do the same for your business.

If you need any help with ideas like this for your business, I am always here to help you. Don’t forget to share this out with friends and co-workers who want fun, memorable ideas to grow their business. With your help I can help more people create marketing that isn’t boring and gets results!

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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