Marketing getting stale? Generate leads and have fun with these tips for your next contest!

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Are you looking for a tool in your business that will create brand awareness, customer loyalty, and bring in more leads? Today, I will show you how to create an experience for your customers and make it more fun by doing contests. Here are eight steps that you can use when creating your contest.

1. Think about your goal. What is your main objective for having this contest? Is it Brand awareness? Customer loyalty? Or to get more leads to increase sales.

2. Identify your target audience. That audience must be the ideal customer for your business and the people that you want to target with your contest. You want an audience that will fit into your business, so you’re attracting the right people.

3. Figure out what type of challenge or contest you want to do. Make sure that the people that you’re attracting are people who are going to eventually be buying from you so that needs to be in alignment with your target market, your target audience who you’re going to go after. Here are some ideas:

  • We’ve done challenges or contests like the kindness challenge for kindness week, bingo on Facebook, and 4th of July “How American are you?” quiz. These are all ideas that you can R&D, rip off and duplicate!

  • You can do sweepstakes and that’s just where they enter to win something.
  • You can do a caption this photo. Post a funny photo, an awkward photo or a photo that could get some really great results. Post that and ask them to caption the photo.
  • Have a gratitude challenge. That would be great around Thanksgiving to do.
  • You can also do a fill-in-the-blank. (Example, if you’re selling weight loss products) “My top tip for losing weight is _____?” You can also do multiple choice or do vote on your favorite products or service.

4. Think about scarcity and how can you use it. It could be the number of entrants that you allow to enter your contest or the amount of time you’re doing it.

5. Ask for referrals. By asking for referrals you’re going to convert the most amount of people into sales.

Here are some quick statistics for you.

  • 70% of online adults trust a brand or product recommendation from their family or friends.
  • 46% trust consumer-written online reviews.
  • And 10% trust ads on a website.

6. How are you going to advertise it? If you’re putting it up on social media, what hashtags are you going to use? If you’re mailing it out you should have a branded item to go with it.

7. The landing page is where they opt-in and they put in their email address.

  • Ask yourself what information you want from them in order to be able to keep marketing to them and closing the deal to convert them to clients.
  • Don’t ask for too much information or you will lose them. Make sure that you are very strategic with the information that you’re asking for.
  • Make sure your image is clean, positive, upbeat, and will entice them to join your landing page.
  • Know what your call-to-action is.
  • Make sure you show the dollar value of the prize you’re doing and that it’s written big enough so it’s easy to see.

8. How are you going to follow up with them and convert them from a contest lead into a client? You can do that through giving value first, positioning first, showing them you’re an expert, showing them that you can solve their problems, showing them that you have an easy solution for them to take.

Make sure you prepared your terms and rules. If it’s on social media like Facebook, make sure you know the rules and you have everything that you’re supposed to have done in writing for the contest.

If you need help with your contests or any of your marketing I would love to help you especially if you feel like your marketing is boring and you need it to be a little more fun, you know that I’m the one to call. If you would do me a favor and share this out with somebody who you feel would need to hear this and needs my help with their marketing. These contest ideas would be a great help for them. Show them this video!

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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