How to motivate your prospect to place an order and what to do after to make them a loyal customer!

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Are you having trouble converting your hot leads into clients? Today I’m going to show you a piece of my Magnetic Marketing Road Map system. So that you can figure out what to do, when to do it, and have a complete system in place to convert those leads into clients.

As an example, you’ve met Sue, given a great impression, and showed her you’re different, showed you cared, connected with her, and researched her. You know what her interests are and how you can help her with her business. You’ve gone to coffee or lunch together, you’ve given a branded gift, and you’re making yourself memorable by leaving breadcrumbs so she can find her way back to you and you did it in a fun way.

In this part of the Magnetic Marketing Road Map you have just sent Sue a welcome kit and if you haven’t heard back. What do you need to do? You need to follow up! Call her, text or email her. Contact her the way she prefers to be communicated to. Ask her if she received it and if she has any questions.

In the Welcome Kit, also include:

  • Call-To-Action
  • Scarcity
  • Personalization
  • What incentive can you give so an order is placed quickly?

When you follow up, remind her why placing an order is a benefit for her. Show her why she needs to take action right away, while not being salesy and pushy.

Now’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Sue placed the order. Jackpot!

Yes, she is now converted from a hot lead into a client. What are you going to do now? Show her that you appreciate her. Does she have any questions? From now until the time that she receives the product/service she ordered, let her know that you’re still going to be here for her. That you’re not going away, not going to stop ”courting” her just because she placed the order and she’s now a client of yours.

Within 48 hours send her a branded thank you gift showing her your gratitude. Here are some ideas that you can use for your thank you gift.

  • Send a cool coffee mug that says “Wake up and be awesome!” So every morning when she reaches for her coffee she’s thinking about you.
  • Send a nice notebook or a return address stamp with their new home’s address if they just bought a home through you.
  • Send her a checklist or an e-book, something of value that is in alignment with the product or service that she is buying from you.

We are a society that needs instant gratification. People don’t want to wait for two weeks (or however long it takes) until they receive the item they ordered. So give something they can use in the meantime to help them get from where they are now to where they are going once they use your product/service.

Your goal is to be a resource that your clients can’t live without. Help them along the journey, save them time, money, make their lives easier and don’t forget to keep “courting” them along the way. It’s just like marriage as soon as you get married you’re not going to stop making them feel like they’re special. Do the same thing with your customers. Communicate along the way, tell them what’s going on with their order, when they’ll receive it, etc. Communicating along the way also shows that you’re still there for her and you care.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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