3 things that will help you stand out from the crowd when networking!

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Are you doing events and mixers to get more leads into your business? Today I’m going to share three things that you need to be doing in order to stand out, build relationships, be memorable, and create an experience.

1. Name badges: Mike Balistreri with GetFound.us came to me and said, “The name badge I wear when I’m out networking and going to other events is just like everybody else. My company is different and I want it to be different. I need your help!”

I put my creativity cap on and went to work. I thought about what Mike and his business do for their clients. They help businesses navigate the treacherous waters of internet marketing. They create websites, do search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, etc. You know all of those things that most businesses aren’t very good at. We need somebody like Mike to come help us out!

I ask myself, how can I tie in what he does into this name badge? How can I show he’s different, to help him stand out? A-ha! I can take a normal name badge, flip it on its side and make it look like an iPhone. Statistics show that most people use their phone to go onto the internet so on the screen I can do a Google search showing GetFound.us at the top of the search.

Mike wants to make sure that we emphasize that he has his 500% ROI guaranteed so we’ll add that too. Like a normal name badge his name and company name needs to be the largest element so I built that into the design. Voila! A name badge that stands out without costing anything more!

Remember, when you’re out networking. You want to make a good impression. It’s hard to remember people’s name especially when they’re at an event and they’ve met so many people. People are visual and the brain processes visuals faster. Putting that name badge on makes it easy to be remembered. Especially when you have a badge like Mike’s!

2. Business cards: Do a fun business card, that’s memorable, that creates an A-ha moment, an experience. Here are some that would work well for Mike or any company in the technology industry.

  1. A microfiber cloth imprinted like his name badge. These have a nice big imprint area. Click here to learn more about this item. http://bit.ly/2fOAKv6
  2. A music download card. We can do these for you on a seeded paper card (plant it and flowers grow) or on the headphone winder pictured below. Click here to learn more about this item. http://bit.ly/2y4WSeM

    • Headphone organizer: This tech taco is cute and functional! Click here to learn more about this item. http://bit.ly/2ys63Hs
    • Lip balm: The imprint can say “We’ll help you get your name on their lips!”. Click here to learn more about this item. http://bit.ly/2kqjIZa

    • Seeded paper card. We can add a tagline on there that says “We can help your business grow.” Click here to learn more about this item. http://bit.ly/2hPc75K
    • Credit card size mints. Instead of doing the imprint horizontally on the case of the mints we can flip it vertically and put it so it looks like the iPhone. Click here to learn more about these items. http://bit.ly/2xkd2NH   http://bit.ly/2xWiIz4

    • Cell phone wallet that sticks on the back of their cell phone. Super popular and there are even options like this one that has the RFID blocker built in to help with identity theft. Click here to learn more about this item. http://bit.ly/2wz0B0L
  3. A handwritten card: You have to do your follow-up and following up with a handwritten card really shows how different you are. Hardly anyone is doing it these days so you really can stand out by doing it! Contact us and we’ll create yours for you.

But don’t stop there. Inside put a breadcrumb (one of the branded items above would work). I call it a breadcrumb because when your prospect or your client is ready to buy your products or services that branded breadcrumb helps the recipient find their way back to you.

If you found this useful please share this out. I would love your help with my mission to help more people with their marketing so it’s not boring, so it’s actually building relationships, creating experiences and people are excited to receive it!

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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