Get their attention with these corporate holiday gift ideas that will fit your budget and make you memorable!

Watch the video or read below, it’s your choice. We just want you to consume this the easiest way for you. 🙂

Today we’re talking about sending out gifts to your clients, prospects, and employees. I have two really fun ideas you’re not going to want to miss.

Did you know the most popular corporate holiday gift is food and beverages? Since it’s the holidays that makes sense. But once those types of gifts are gone, they’re gone. There’s nothing left to remind them of what you did for them. That’s why it’s important when you’re giving food or beverage gifts, that you always include something that stays behind. Something that will make them remember the experience that you had with them.

Here’s a fun branded beverage item that you can do that will create an experience and leave them with a reminder of how amazing you are.

The Moscow Mule! Very popular and definitely one that they will love receiving. Think about your budget and how you want it to be received. Do you want to do just one branded cup?

People don’t like to drink alone, so give out two!

Give out a four pack and they can have a little mini party.

Or do a two pack along with the Moscow Mule mix inside of the package.

Or a 2 pack of mugs complete with the jigger and the stirrer or we can do something completely custom.

Such as a custom package with the number of mugs you’d like, Vodka, recipe card and your holiday card.

Any of these gifts we can do a recipe card with so it stays with it and enhances the gift.

My second idea is to take a Round Christmas Ornament and put your logo on it.

That’s how my competitors think, but that’s not how I think. What if we imprinted this like a camera Santa cam, elf cam, reindeer cam. This is a lower price point and it’ll fit into almost everyone’s budget.

The imprint looks like a lens and they can turn on the ornament because it would be a light up ornament so they can pretend that the camera really works (and fool their kids). The back side of the ornament has your branding on it too, to give you more exposure. This is a fun gift that’s going to get attention and when people hold it they’re going to see your logo and will get people talking about you! Maximize this fun idea and give out two to each person on your list, one they keep and one they give away.

If your prospects, clients, or employees are going out and they’re doing a secret Santa or they’re going to somebody’s house for the holidays they’ll bring that gift with them. That’s such an easy gift. You just made their life easier and it helps you with your marketing. It helps you get in front of people that you would have never gotten in front of before.

When you’re sending this out we’ll add a little poem about it to add to the experience.

Inside the package you can also add a little note and on that note you can ask the person “Let us know what your favorite _______ is”? Their favorite drink, favorite movie, favorite candy, favorite beverage, etc. Then they can either send this back or email it to you and you can take that info and you can put a package together that’s personalized to them. How special would that be? And….you have that info. to use anytime in the future that you want to do something special for them.

There you have two fun ideas that will fit your budget and it hits the goals of building relationships, showing they’re appreciated, and giving out something that’s memorable. That’s what I love doing for you!

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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