16 ideas that will add pizzazz and get people buzzing at your next corporate holiday party!

Watch the video or read below, it’s your choice. We just want you to consume this the easiest way for you. 🙂

A study done by Tiny Pulse revealed that only 21% of employees felt like they were strongly valued at work. Which meant their loyalty to the company was down, their morale was down, and it even affected their relationship with their peers.

Holiday parties help bring up morale so I’ve put together 16 ideas to help you! From games to gifts, to the decor and the food. Let’s get people talking about your party!

Gifts: Click on the links below to order yours

  1. Most people love to socialize and drink during the holidays. Give them something they’re going to be using a lot while drinking like:
  • A branded Moscow Mule mug with a fun imprint. There’s also a set of two mugs or four mugs, and add a recipe card. Or we can create a custom package for you where you can include vodka too. It depends on you how much do you want to give.

You can have different tiers that you give to different levels of employees and clients too.

Add a fun imprint or a custom card like, “This wine pairs well with food and difficult relatives”. Or “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas but when the white runs out I’ll drink the red”.

  1. Do a wine bottle opener with a tag like “Holiday workout” that shows a wine opener in three different positions, like it’s working out.
  2. Do a fun T-shirt imprinted with a holiday message that says “Nice, naughty, and I tried”. Then imprint it so the “I tried” is checked.
  3. Do a round holiday ornament imprinted with a camera lens and then put Santa cam or elf cam, along with your logo on the back so it looks like the North Pole is watching.
  4. Have a photo booth and give them a branded frame. Make sure you add fun props in the booth that represent your company, things that your employees would love, inside jokes that they know, etc.

Food: Let’s talk about some food options you can do.

  1. A chocolate bowl! Especially great if you are an eco-friendly company. Take a balloon, fill it up with air, dip it a few times into chocolate, wait for it to harden, pop the balloon and then you have a bowl.
  2. Edible coal: It’s just rice Krispy treats with black dye in it put in a cute bag and VOILA!!!
  3. Grinch punch: Click here to get the recipe. Stick a candy cane straw and there you go.
  4. Smores bar: Just use Sterno, a fun place to roast the marshmallows and some roasting sticks and you are in business.


  1. Oversized holiday lights: Blow up different colored balloons and tie them off with a green curling ribbon. Have a cup turned upside down with a hole in the top. Inside the balloon you put a little light so the balloon lights up. You can get the lights by clicking here.
  2. Oversized lollipops. Take a noodle like you use in the pool. Roll it to create a swirl and wrap the streamers around it so you can add an extra effect to it. Put a stick through it and cellophane around so it looks like a giant lollipop.
  3. Oversized ornaments: Take a large bouncy ball, glue a bucket to it using waterproof, silicone glue and hang. Super easy!!
  4. Create centerpieces for each table that represents holidays around the world. One table represents what you’d find in Japan, another in Holland, and so on until all the tables are done.


  1. Jingle bell toss: Like beer pong, but with jingle bells. They toss the jingle bell into the cup and win a prize or a gift.
  2. Holiday bingo: You can have the winners get a prize. Such as a TV, VR headset, Xbox, Fitbit, shot glasses or a bottle of wine.
  3. Let’s make a deal: Have different gifts with different numbers on them and they have the option to pick the number they want or “steal” somebody else’s gift.
  4. Have a fun game, contest, conversation starter at each table. This is a great ice breaker and even fun for your employee’s significant other who doesn’t know anybody.

I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you get some fun ideas for your company party. I would love it if you’d share this. It’s my mission to help you create marketing that’s not boring, marketing that helps you build deeper relationships.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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