From advertising to rewards! 5 things every referral program needs to skyrocket your success!

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You can’t help, but smile when you get a referral. It means you’ve done a good job and they’re willing to put their reputation on the line for you. Did you know that referrals are the least expensive way to get new leads into your business and they convert faster because they come in as warm leads instead of cold leads?

Imagine how you would feel knowing that you have a great referral system in place that’s a win-win for you, your referral and the person who referred them to you!

First and foremost, realize that statistic show you’ll receive more referrals by offering an incentive. Then make sure people know about it and what’s in it for them. Below you’ll see the different ways you can advertise your referral program to hit several angles to ensure you’re maximizing your results, incentive ideas, how to make it easier to refer to you and most importantly how to thank them.

  1. Direct mail: Makes it easier to be remembered. Include information about your referral program and you can drive them online to join a challenge, contest, etc.
  • Postcard by itself or with an item attached to it, a “breadcrumb”. A breadcrumb is something they keep that’s branded and that way when they’re ready to refer someone to you or buy from you they can always find their way back to you easily.
  • You can do a greeting card style postcard with a small branded gift inside.
  • Box or large envelope with lumpy mail inside.
  1. Post it online:
  • What social media platform and how often do you want to post?
  • Put it on your website.
  • Your landing page.
  • Your thank-you page or a purchase confirmation page.
  1. Email:
  • Put it on your email signature.
  • Add it to your email blasts.
  1. Printed material:
  • Add it to your business cards.
  • Give out referral cards.
  • Add it to your invoice/packing slips.
  • Add it to your company’s literature
  • Sent it out with your handwritten cards
  1. This one is hard for most people…ask!
  • In person.
  • Through email, do it as a personal email one-on-one.
  • Send them a text.
  • Over the phone.
  • Ask your joint venture partners, your affiliates.
  • If you’re in a networking group then build those relationships first. Give value before you ask for the referral.
  1. Software Advice says statistics show that more than 50% of people will give you a referral if you give them an incentive to do so. What can you give?
  1. Make it easy to refer to you:
  • Do referral cards that they can just hand out
  • Have links to make your referral program easy to share.
  • Have the referral email script already done so all they have to do is add their name and the person’s name that they’re referring to you.
  • Have them tag their friends on social media.
  1. The most important step don’t forget to thank them!
  • Always do a handwritten note and don’t forget to send that reward that you promised them.
  • You can also email them.
  • Send a text.
  • Call them.

Tip: Contact them the way they prefer and the way that would make them feel like you really appreciate what they did!

A referral program is the least expensive and fastest way to turn a prospect into a client. You don’t have the expense of online ads, marketing, and all those other things because you have referral partners who are the ambassadors for your company.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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