What types of hashtags should you use and the best FREE tools to find them.

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Do you have a strategy you’re using when you’re doing your hashtags? Today I’m going to share my strategy and this new tool I recently found that you need to know about! I don’t want you to be throwing things out there and hoping something sticks. I want you to have a system to follow then every time that you and your team are posting on your social media you know what hashtags to use because you’ve already figured out the best hashtags for you.

Here are the 5 different resources you can use to find your hashtags:

  1. Ritetag.com shows you in color coding what hashtags to use and what not to use. You can install a Chrome extension so when you’re writing your post, you can tell what hashtags to use. It also shows you the best day of the week, time, language, and geographic distribution for that hashtag.
  2. Hashtagify.me, shows you the top ten related hashtags with popularity. It also has a hashtag wall so you can visually see the posts the hashtag is used in and the top influencers using it.
  3. Instagram shows you who’s using the hashtags and how. I would suggest going on your phone instead of doing this online because on your phone you get to select the top choice for those hashtags, the people that are using those hashtags, and the tags using those hashtags and the places.
  4. Twitter has an online platform for this advanced search option, it’s free as well so if you’re looking for a specific conversation or hashtags just plug that information in here and it’s going to give that to you.
  5. Top hashtags automatically generates 30 hashtags from a keyword that you enter. Look through them as not all are a good fit for you, but if you’re stuck this site will help you figure out where to go.

Here are 8 types of hashtags that you should be using:

  • Brand hashtags that’s a company name, a company tagline that you have that you want to get people to use to get your brand more exposure. You’re going to want to do a hashtag that nobody else is using or is barely used because you don’t want to drive traffic to somebody else’s hashtag.
  • General or a broad hashtag, is the industry you’re in. These hashtags are used to make your work known in your industry.
  • Niche hashtags is breaking down the general so instead of saying you’re a #photographer, #singer, #dancer you can instead use #weddingphotographer, #popsinger, #Zumbadancer.
  • Description of your products and services. People are searching for common hashtags so when you post what you have to offer, think like your customer. If you are a coffee shop and post an image of a latte use #latte.
  • Lifestyle and your community hashtags. This is where people really want to connect with people who have common lifestyles think about it like a Facebook group. People join Facebook groups because they have something in common.
  • Location hashtags: This is your city, state, region, country. Because you want to connect with other local customers.
  • Event/Campaign hashtags. Engage with your followers during live events, contest, raffles, campaigns and challenges.
  • The day of the week. Every day of the week there’s some hashtags you can be using like #Mondaymotivation, #Sundayfunday, or #Happywednesday.
  • Trend hashtags. Go to Trendsmap.com and see what hashtags are trending in your area and you can use for your posts to help you engage and it gives you the greatest potential to get seen by a massive audience.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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