Attending a conference? How to get the most out of networking while you’re there

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Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your networking when you attend a conference? How to get more leads, build deeper relationships and turn them into clients? I have two people in my life who I can say are exceptional at this. My Coach and my Accountability Partner. I interviewed them and combined that with the things that I feel I do best and came up with these six tips to help you.

  1. Be a server, a connector. Position yourself as the “go-to person”. A role model of how to act and how to be. Tell them, come to me if you need something I am here to help you.
    • In the back of a notebook put all the business cards you collect and make notes of the people that you meet. Put what they do, what they need, who they’re trying to connect with, and then you’re going to make it easier for yourself to connect people who need to be connected.
    • Know your goals in advance.
      • Know the number of quality contacts that you want to make while you’re there.
      • How many people that you want to connect with each other.
      • Identify the number of people that you’re going to give what they need. Whether that’s a resource, advice, etc.
  1. Socialize, socialize, socialize!

If there is a Facebook group or someplace online that everybody is talking before the event, get on there and start the relationship building.

Get to the event early and stay late that’s when there are less people there and it’s easier to network with people.

If they offer VIP then you want to be a part of that. That’s where the movers and the shakers are.

If the event is using a hashtag, use it to post, search for events, like, comment, and engage. You might find somebody on there that you need in your life/business. Go to their profiles and find out more about them too.

Schedule meals with others and go to the after-hours events even if you’re tired.

3. Know what questions you will ask and really listen. Do not let the first question out of your mouth be “So what do you do?” That is so typical. Instead ask:

  • What brought you here?
  • What do you want to get out of this?
  • Who are you looking to meet? Then if you know that person, introduce them.
  • Who have they met at the event that they found valuable, found interesting, somebody that you need to know? Then ask for an introduction?
  • Find out where they’re at and where they’re going and what’s that gap in the middle? If that’s something that you can help them with then do it.
  • Think about what else you could be asking to get better results especially once you get a feel for the audience.
  1. Be memorable. You know you’re going to be asked what you do. Instead of just answering what you do paint it in a picture and show them in a non-salesy way how you helped a client. Make sure you’re handing out memorable business cards. If you don’t have one already we can make them for you. What else you can do to stand out in the room?
  2. Build trust, make them feel safe and secure. Use nonverbal communication to do that. Think about when they’re standing there and they’re holding their hands across and closing themselves off. What can you do or say to make them feel more comfortable? This is key to building relationships.

Test how things are going by touch. It builds rapport so as you’re talking to them touch their shoulder, back of their arm, their forearm quickly. See how they react and if they’re okay with it then next time touch just a little bit longer. How are they reacting? If they’re allowing you to do it, that means they feel secure with you. If they touch you back that’s even better. That means they trust you.

  1. This is the tip that I think a lot of people fail at…the follow-up. Following up at the event is best, but within 24 hours, 48 max is a MUST.
    • Talk about how the event went for them.
    • What did they really get out of it?
    • What things are they going to be implementing?

Make it a conversation with a friend. Be authentic, open, fun and really connect and position yourself as the expert, the person they need to know.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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