Layer these 5 elements of your brand story into your marketing and content to maximize results

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Let’s talk about the importance of human to human contact when you’re putting your brand out in the world. We talked before about how important it is for you to have an influencer for your brand. Whether that’s yourself, an employee, or somebody you pay you should have a face for your brand for people to connect with online. Today, I’m going to give you another tool to put in your toolkit to help you build relationships and connect with your target audience.


I love systems! They make it easy for you to achieve your goals and be consistent. Here’s a system for layering your brand story into your content to maximize your results.


I want you to identify five things that you’re going to weave into your brand story when you’re creating your content. You’ll be layering these over and over again in your marketing and content creation. Think about it…what are the five things that you want people to connect with and remember your brand and your brand’s influencer?


These are just a suggestion of five things that would be easy for everybody to do. As I go through them think about those things that you want to put out for your brand.


  1. Think about what do you do? In a couple sentences, what do you do? I’d answer that as saying, I do relationship marketing. I create unique experiences to help my clients grow their business.


  1. How do you do that? For me, I do that with creating promotional products marketing, creating systems, nurturing systems, and direct mail campaigns. For my clients that do trade shows I help them do the pre-show, post-show, at the show marketing, giveaways, activities to drive more engagement into their booth and convert those leads into clients.


  1. What’s your personal mission? Do you have that one thing that you want people to remember you by that you’ve decided is your personal mission in life? What could you weave into your content about this mission that helps people connect with you?


  1. What roles and interest you have in your life that other people have to? These roles are a great way to connect. For me, I’m a mom, a business owner, a wife. I actually just had my third grandbaby a few days ago. 😊 I love dogs, I have a german shepherd and a bull mastiff. I love hiking and being in nature. What would your target audience have in common with you that you can talk about?


  1. What cause do you give back to? Connect with them there too. Tell them why you chose this cause? What you do to give back to it, etc. Weave this into your content, into your branding.


Layer these five things over and over again so you’re known for this are people are connecting with you at a deeper level. Show them behind the scenes when you’re doing an event, in your personal life, and when you’re volunteering. Doing these things are all going to help your target audience feel like they know you. It helps them to be part of this Hygge life that everybody wants where they’re feeling connected with things and people that make them feel good.


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Shana Anderson-Nute


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