When designing your tradeshow booth are you looking at it through your prospect’s eyes? If not, then here’s your chance! Read to the end to get your BONUS!

Watch the video to go deeper. Read below if you want a quick summary.

I just got back from my industry’s largest trade show. There are over 1,500 booths there and I decided that this year I was going to walk the show floor differently. This year, I was going to analyze what the exhibitors were doing so I could show you. Helping you to get better results when you’re exhibiting at your tradeshows. I paid attention to how the booths were set up, to what was drawing me in, what was turning me off, and what they were doing to entice me to want to talk to them. Watch the video to go deeper. Read below if you want a quick summary of what’s in the video.

As I walked the show floor, I noticed the attendees and I really liked the booths that had open layouts. Where it was easy to navigate, we could just walk in, and didn’t feel like we were confined or claustrophobic.

There were certain booths that really caught my attention. One of them I came upon as I walked around the corner. It was a HUGE superhero theme. I thought that’s interesting. It doesn’t look like everybody else! Their staff was smiling. They had their benefit statement up on the wall, written in a clear and easy to scan font that immediately told me, what was in it for me! What’s in it so I would want to stop and talk to them. It said “We print on almost any product. No minimums. No setups.” I thought this could solve a problem I run into sometimes. They had several elements in their booth that really stood out (watch the video to find out)!

Another booth that I loved was from one of my lip balm manufacturers who had a camp theme. Their staff was dressed up as camp counselors. They had a tiny tent, campfire, and the graphics in the booth which were all around the camp theme. They played a dice game that had different animals on it. Animals you’d find the forest like bunnies, bears, deer, etc. You’d roll the dice and win a prize. It was fun, engaging, and memorable.


There was another exhibitor who had a VW bus they brought in. Yes, an actual full-size VW bus in their booth. They had it filled with their really cool line of bags and were even hanging off the side mirrors. It definitely got attention!


Then there was another exhibitor that had the most beautiful booth. It looked like you were in a high-end boutique. Pastels are hot this year and this booth represented that. The booth was open, light, welcoming. When you walked by you had to do a double take and think, am I at a trade show? This was not a typical booth at a trade show. They did an amazing job!

I also noticed companies that had large signage definitely got my attention. First, the signs that are hanging from the ceiling that make it easy to find the booth you are looking for was key. If I was looking for a specific manufacturer and could just look up and find them, it made things easier for me.


I also went to Origaudio’s booth. You probably saw them on Shark Tank. Their booth only had one huge wall and you could see it from far away. I loved how opened their booth was too. Everybody could just walk around their booth and see all their products and their staff was smiling and mingling with everyone. They didn’t have the typical table height display. Everything was at a counter height and on top of the counter they put their products at varies levels making it easy to see and they had all the information there so you didn’t have to ask questions.

I also wanted to go by and see one of my favorite umbrella manufacturers. I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed. They had a tall sweeper flag for their sign and it blended in with the rest of their booth. Even though I knew exactly where I was going, I almost walked by them.  Lesson learned. You have to make your signage stand out. You can’t have it blend into the rest of your booth.

Now looking at the inside of the booths. The inside of the booth is really important too. Besides what we talked about earlier with having a theme, openness and all of the other elements. Some of the things that I liked inside the booth was how my manufacturers were making it so I was a better salesperson for them. They were giving me ideas. They were giving me ways to sell their products. They were showing me in an easy to digest way through case studies, trends, new product displays, etc.

Remember our attention span is less than a goldfish. When designing your booth you need to make it quick and easy to see what you offer, make it fun, have signage in the right place, and add the elements that I talked about above. I highly suggest watching the video because there are more details and images for you to really get your head around this. I did this extra work to help you, I created this video for you, I want you to be the best you can be and get amazing results next time you exhibit at a tradeshow.

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