Wondering how you can get more traffic to your trade show booth? Here are a few ideas that will help you!

Watch the video to go deeper. Read below if you want a quick summary.

Are you fishing for new leads for your business? If so, then I have some tips for you when you’re doing your trade shows. I recently went to my industry’s largest show and I took notes on what my great manufacturers did to get us into their booths and see their new products. Take these tips that I’m giving to you and tweak it for your next tradeshow and maximize your results! Watch the video to go deeper. Read below if you want a quick summary of what’s in the video.

Two great ways to get more people into your booth are:


  1. With games and activities. Capture their attention and get your booth buzzing with these:
  • Claw game. Yes, I’m talking about putting the big machine inside your booth that has the claw that drops down and grabs a stuffed animal. Add a bonus surprise and have some of those stuffed animals holding gift certificates too. Ask the winners to post online to add more excitement.

  • Weber did an electronic prize wheel. It’s a prize wheel app that’s downloaded onto an iPad and connected to a large TV to draw people in. The line was long for this fun game!

  • A few booths announced they were having raffles at certain times each day of the show. They had attendees come to their booth, find out more about their products and services, and then gave them a raffle ticket. Then the raffle ticket recipient returned to the booth at the specified time to see if they won.


  • Themed booths with a game. This was a fun booth because everything evolved around a camp theme. The staff was dressed as campfire counselors. We played a game, where we rolled huge dice that had animals on each side that are found in the forest. When you rolled that animal you would win a prize that corresponded with it.

  • Using urgency & scarcity. Some manufacturers were emailing out or posting on social media to come to their booth and get ____. They’d say, “The first 50 people who come” or “While supplies last”. Which are great ways to get people to visit their booths early so their staff isn’t waiting around.


  • Bag with a hang tag that says “If you’re caught walking on the trade show floor with this bag you could win $100”. This one is clever because I noticed that people kept that bag in plain sight and put other bags inside it. This maximized this vendor’s exposure and the recipient’s chance of winning.


  • Night time party after the show floor is closed. The first 50 people who arrived early and stood in line for this party received a cool hoodie! The response was amazing! Then the next day anyone who was caught wearing the party T-shirt on the tradeshow floor the next day (they handing out T-shirts at the party to all attendees) won a prize!

  1. If the trade show you’re exhibiting at has a place where you can spotlight your product, that’s what we call product pavilion in our industry, I highly suggest you do it. In our industry it opens an hour before the tradeshow floor does so people go there, see the new, eco, made in the USA, etc. products. It drives traffic to your booth. It costs a little bit extra but I can say it’s definitely worth it.

When your product is in the pavilion, also drive them to your booth and tell them what you’re giving away there. Drive traffic to your booth early so that your staff stays busy and you get people talking about you.

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Hugs and high 5’s,
Shana Anderson-Nute


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