Daily I’m asked, “What new or unique products are out?” I appreciate the question, but find it fascinating that I’m hardly ever asked if I have suggestions on ways to deliver them. Is that because people are set in their ways and don’t think about what they can do differently to engage their target audience when delivering their promotional products? The benefits of advertising with promotional swag that makes it stand out from other forms of advertising is that you can target the exact person you want to advertise to, choose where they will be when they receive your advertising and you choose how they will receive it. Radio, TV, billboards, newspaper ads, etc. do not have these capabilities. Which makes promotional swag the most cost effective, engaging and targeted advertising medium.

When advertising with promotional swag there are so many ways to engage your prospects and make you stand out amongst your competitors whether it’s at a tradeshow, networking or recruiting event, with your social media, etc.

That’s become my mission.  My mission as your Swag Gal is to uncover great ways to use swag to reach your marketing objectives. To show you what not to do and to teach you how to create magical moments between yourself and your prospects to grow the relationship.  All without breaking the bank! And did you know that our eco-friendly and made in the USA products even make Mother Nature smile! Yes, you too can smile with that BONUS!

But SHHHHH…You better keep this secret weapon under wraps so you stay ahead of your competition!


Swag Gal


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