I couldn’t believe his reaction! Are you doing this wrong with your marketing too and it’s causing you to fail?

  Sometimes it’s interesting to sit back and see how things unfold that spark me to create these marketing videos to help you. I had no idea that I was going to shoot this video until after I met with three different clients, working on different projects for them. Seeing how all of the projects […]

Feeling stuck? Add this simple tip to get more prospects to take action on your online offer.

  Feeling stuck? Frustrated? Not getting the results you want? Have you been looking for a great way to get new prospects? Or to get more people to enter their email address on your website to get on your email list or buy an offer you have online? Let’s talk about hitting your prospects online […]

WOW! 7 earth-friendly branded products we bet you didn’t even know you could do for Earth Day.

  Hi Friends! Are you getting tired of doing the same old water bottle or reusable bag for your eco-swag? Then you gotta watch my new video. I’ve put together a list of earth-friendly branded products that I bet you didn’t even know you could do for your marketing, gifts, rewards and Earth Day celebrations! Let […]

Kid approved swag and presentation ideas for your next career day talk!

  Have you had to do a presentation for kids? For a career day, job fair, etc.? Today, I’m sharing with you a project that I’m doing for a real estate client right now. From setting up the elements of the presentation to engage the kids. To brainstorming what swag she’ll give them that they will […]

Three fun activities your business can do on Earth Day

  Are you a green company? If so get ready to jot down these ideas. Press play on this short video because I have three fun activities that you can do on Earth Day… *To promote that you are a green business. *To get your team on board and engaged with being green. *Or just […]

Having difficulty attracting new customers to your business then capturing their email addresses? Then this fun idea is for you!

Quick question…did you include adding “experiences” into your marketing for 2019? If not, pull out your marketing plan and look at ways you can include it. I wanted to help you so, here’s a fun way to add experiences to your online and offline marketing that your customers will love this year. Prize wheels! Who […]

Are you ready? 2019 color of the year & Merch marketing tips to skyrocket your business in 2019!

Hi Friends, I just wanted to drop by really quick and tell you that Pantone has announced the 2019 color of the year. Any guesses what it will be? It’s Living Coral!!! Did you guess correctly? Why this color? Leatrice Eiseman, Exec. Director of Pantone says, “Color is an equalizing lens through which we experience our natural and […]