Wish you could sneak a little peek inside one of my event planning meetings? Well…today’s your lucky day!

Watch the video or read the summary below, it’s your choice.  🙂   I wanted to give you a peek inside a meeting I had recently with a new client to plan an event they are doing for their safety managers. They are flying them in from all over to put on a three-day safety conference. […]

From advertising to rewards! 5 things every referral program needs to skyrocket your success!

Watch the video or read below, it’s your choice. We just want you to consume this the easiest way for you. 🙂 You can’t help, but smile when you get a referral. It means you’ve done a good job and they’re willing to put their reputation on the line for you. Did you know that […]

Get their attention with these corporate holiday gift ideas that will fit your budget and make you memorable!

Today we’re talking about sending out gifts to your clients, prospects, and employees. I have two really fun ideas you’re not going to want to miss.